What to Look for in Granny Flats Builder

Some of the factors that you need to consider when choosing granny flats builder are the reputation of the builder, the designs that the builder makes, and the cost of the project. The granny flats are small spaces that require proper creativity in order to create space. The granny flats builder Perth is  be very creative because he needs to design the flat with ample space to move around with very limited space. Listed below are the qualities that you need to look for when selecting granny flats builder:

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1)     Proper planning and reliability– the builder must have a reputation of finishing the project on time, lest, you will be spending more as delays can be very expensive. Though the granny flats are small in sizes, but if the granny flats builder will have some issues regarding deliveries of materials, personnel, to name a few, you will encounter increased cost plus the stress and anxiety of slow work.

2)     Design options– some granny flats builder prefer custom-designs when building granny flats. This should not be the case as the granny flats can be designed in more ways than one. Ideally, the builder must present you a number of designs to choose from.

3)     Insurance coverage– choose a granny flats builder that would provide you with an insurance coverage. In case accidents happen during the construction of the granny flats, the builder must be the one to cover the expenses. Do not take insurance coverage as you can be faced with a sticky situation and you may end up paying for the medical expenses in case accidents occur.

4)     Suppliers– it is safer to work with granny flats builder who collaborate with reputable suppliers of materials. This way, you can be sure that the materials that are used in building the granny flats are of high quality. It is also advisable to choose a home builder who takes into consideration the preservation of the environment by using sustainable materials.

5)     Respectful– building a granny flat means that you give the builder and the workers the freedom to enter your premises. But it must be stressed that they should not treat your entire property as a construction site. A reputable granny flats builder must respect your space and make sure that the materials are not lying all over the backyard as this can cause accidents especially if you have kids at home.