Videos versus Articles for your Website

There is lot of arguments online in regards to the use of videos in a website. People now are proactively promoted for the use of videos in world of internet marketing, how-to tutorials and a lot more. In this article we will be able to know the pros and cons of having videos in your website.

Videos are the easiest method to convey messages, unlike articles which takes more effort to read, consume lot of time from visitors and some articles just go around the bush not trying to get to the point. While on the other hand, videos are easy to understand, visually entertaining and more people preferred watching than reading. Check out corporate video production!

But the question is, will videos work in your webpage? let’s break things down.


  • Videos are easy to understand and to follow more so if it is a how-to tutorial
  • Voices registered to a lot of people more vividly
  • It is a bonus to your traffic if the characters in the videos are popular and has lots of followers.
  • Emotions are contagious, If a video relays an excitement of buying products, it will be the same with your viewers also.
  • Videos are effective way to show readers the quality of your products.
  • People are more inclined in videos nowadays and that is why Youtube No 2. in the spot of most popular websites, so being in the trend gives and edge.
  • The Unique and different the tube is, the better is the retention to the readers.

Now, if there is are pros in the use of videos to a website, there are also negative effects. Here are some:


  • Videos eat up a lot of data in the website, so If your reader has a poor connection, the chance of them enjoying your clip will be very slim. Might cause a loss of future markets or traffic.
  • There are players that are not compatible to your readers version, if it won’t play then the purpose is defeated.
  • It is cost more time, money and effort in creating tubes than producing article

Things listed above are just some of the pros and cons. In my personal opinion, Nothing beats the old fashioned way that never ceases to exist, Articles is still the best way to communicate with readers. it enhances imagination and it encourages or stimulates reflection to your readers. But basically it really depends on what’s your goal is for your site. It might work and it might now. You would not see results if you will not give it a try.

What is your opinion in this? Would you prefer videos in your website considering the pros and cons listed above? And why would you think so? Get a new website designed by Website Rescuers in Perth should you need a new look for your website.