Various aspects of website designing

Website design involves various kinds of skills and includes all the disciplines which are required in the creating and maintaining of websites. Web designing is not an individual’s job instead many designers work in teams which covers various aspects of the designing process. The designing process involves web graphic design, web interface design, which would include standardized codes, designing for user experience and search engine optimization. This designing process emphasise on front end that is the client side design of a website along with writing markup. A website designer must be aware of the updating web accessibility and should have knowledge of the usability guidelines.

If not linked with the other constituent areas like graphic design then web designing can be assumed to have a recent history. It is rather difficult to imagine internet without animations, graphics and background music and certain different features provided by a website designer. Tim lee Berners, an employ at CERN gave an idea to create a hypertext project for global use in 1989, which was later known as the World Wide Web invented from 1991 to 1993. Earlier just text only pages could be viewed using simple line mode browser which were text heavy. After that Unix based multiple browsers evolved. Till the Mosaic browser was created by Marc Andreesen and partner, Eric Bina , various features for instance images and background sound were not thought to be added to internet.

The earliest competitive browser of Microsoft was released in 1996 which was having its own characteristics and tags. It was the first one to provide support style sheets. These were thought to be an unclear authoring technique. The website designers realized that HTML tables were very efficient for creating complex and multi column layouts that were otherwise impossible. Thus the war among the designers finished with the release of the Netscape communicator code under an open source licence during 1998. This enabled millions of developers to improve the software.