Useful Tips When Removing Old Wall Paper on Your Child’s Room

Wallpaper on your child’s room is indeed a good accessory for it. But once this wallpaper started to peel off, then you need to remove completely and replace it with a new one. Getting rid of the old wallpaper from your child’s room is one of the most time consuming task. But this can be easily done with the following guidelines.

Soak Backing

The backing must be moistened with ample water. A handyman generally suggests the use of a floor mop or sponge for this purpose. The backing must soak the water for at least 15 minutes.

It is always recommended to use very hot water for this purpose. It is often impossible to accomplish this task without causing any damage to the walls. Use fingernails to find out if the backing has softened or not.

Scrapping Off

It is important to scrape off the back of the wall. Metal spatulas and putty knives are best suited for this purpose. Use ones with rounded corners. Filing the corners is important if you do not have the rounded variety.
Aggressive moves are always discouraged. Gouging the walls can lead to damage.

Stubborn Paste Demands Gel Stripper

Spray the leftover paste and backing with generous dollops of gel stripper. Wait for another 20 minutes. Scrape off the unwanted gel. Remove any traces of paste underneath. Use water to rinse the wall. Go off to bed after you have managed to deal with the paste completely.

Sand walling

Use joint compounds to patch gouges. Use sand handers for sanding the walls. Use sand paper of good quality to smoothen out the rough patches. Use suitable primers for priming the walls. The walls of your child’s room are now ready for a new wall paper.

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