Trends in Website Design

The advent of online shopping has increased the need for a website design that is unique and catchy. Persuasion is the name of the game in online shopping and to do that, the users must be treated with stimulating visuals. A website design is continuously evolving especially with the introduction of new technologies. Below is a list of the trends to watch out in web design.

Flat design

Keep it so simple is what most advertisers look for in a web design. They want to do away with too much color. They want the web page to look clutter-free and the use of white space is much preferred by advertisers. It is easier on the eyes, and minimalism is the current trend in web page creation.

Websites with crispier images

Advertisers are not keen supporters of brighter and crispier images because of its price. But not today, the latest trend in website design is the inclusion of bright pictures on the web page. The change of heart on the part of the advertisers is due to its affordability, the loading speed has become faster, and the demand by the consumers to see bright and crisp pictures.

Parallax websites

More advertisers now prefer the use of parallax web design on their web page. The parallax scrolling gives more depth and life on the images displayed on the web page.

The use of infographics

This is another growing trend in website design. Through a single image, so much information can be relayed to the users. They are attracted to infographics because of its uniqueness. It is a combination of bright colors, texts with different fonts, and the use of shapes in one single page. The users are treated with rich information and an eye-catching image.

The use of typography

The trend in website design is to use the combination of fonts. Also, there are now more designs in typography that can make a web page more inviting. There is now the availability for affordable high quality fonts. The choices for the type of font is more varied which makes the web design even more exciting.


Advertisers prefer a web page that focuses more on content rather than the graphics. The images displayed still play a vital role, but the content is given a priority now.

Short videos

Another trend in website design is the use of videos that run below ten seconds. Gone are the days when short videos last for 30 seconds, the trend is to keep it short but powerful in terms of information dissemination.

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