Total Caravan Services

The best way to go on a road travel is by using a caravan. The space and the comfort it gives are incomparable. If your caravan encounters some issues and it needs servicing, look for a shop that offers total caravan services. In this way, you do not have to transfer from one shop to the other.

Repairs and re-sprays

The shop must be equipped with fully functional spray booth for all types of paint jobs for your caravan. Regardless whether you just want a re-touch or full caravan re-painting, the shop must have service bays to accommodate all types of re-painting caravan services.

If any portion of the caravan is damaged, the shop must be able to repair it regardless of the type of material. Glass fiber has always been the material used for the rear and front of the molded panels, but the latest models are now made with plastic, through a new technology called the plastic injection process. Caravan services shop must be equipped with the latest tools and gadget to repair caravan damage, regardless of the type of material.

Other caravan services that should be available are fixing of dents and splits, panel and trim repairs, wheel refurbishment, and accidental damage repairs.


Caravan restoration involves the external and internal parts. The external restoration is the re-painting, while the internal restoration is the refurbishing of the look of the caravan. Caravan services include the change of wallpapers, the re-upholstery of sofa, among others. Shower heads that are rusted can also be changed.

Awning caravan services

An awning is the extension of a caravan which is usually made from thick plastic materials. Awnings get heavily soiled and damaged. Caravan services will treat awning to make it look like new. They will clean it thoroughly, dry the awning, reproof if and give it back you in a perfect condition. They will remove all stains, hardened soil, mildew, and grass stains. They will even waterproof and apply environment –friendly solutions that will protect the awning from the UV rays of the sun.

Damp repairs

Damp can completely destroy a caravan. Damp enters the interior of the caravan through small holes and then slowly destroy the walls, the sofa, and other parts of the caravan. Damp check must be included in caravan services to determine the moisture level, since moisture is present in the wood materials used for constructing some portions of the caravan. If the reading is high, dehumidifiers are used and some drying agents are used to protect the interiors of the caravan.

Protect your caravan and subject it to annual caravan check-up to immediately address the damage before it escalates.