Top 6 E-Cigarette Flavours

If you’re a vape user, finding the right kind of juice is a never-ending quest. You may get a recommendation from friends or you can surf the internet to see product reviews.  The important thing in choosing e-juice is its compatibility to your vape tank. Make sure to ask the provider if a certain product can be used for your unit. Here are the 6 best e-juice flavours that are always sold out:

Cotton Candy – There’s something about sweets that captivates a vape user. Cotton candy flavour definitely satisfies the craving for it. The aroma it releases is subtle and pleasing to inhale. The fun doesn’t end there as you also get a sugar rush from each time you blow.

Lime drop – The coolness of the flavour is perfect to for the summer. The tartness of taste and aroma can make you ask for more.

Drip CO Unicorn – Experience a mythical flavour brought by Drip CO Unicorn. It has a distinct aroma and taste that takes you out of this world. This is the best partner to fight the taste of coffee and alcohol.

Blueberry Smurf  – If you like fruity tastes, go for the blueberry flavour. It doesn’t leave a harsh aroma. So, if your friends and family are coming over, you can still vape without worry.

Black mamba – This one, in particular, leaves a serious bite in terms of taste. The flavour is a combination of cranberry, blackberry, and a hint of citrus. This is perfect to fight hangover and drowsiness.

Strawberry Haze – Indulge in the goodness of this fruity flavoured e-juice. It is an excellent choice for beginners who are still catching up with the kick of vaping.

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