Top 5 Items Wedding Photographers Must Have

In order to be successful, wedding photographers should be organized. Keeping a list of the most essential items you need for a wedding photography assignment helps a lot. It will keep you from forgetting something that you might need for the shoot. Here is a list of the most essential equipment that theĀ  wedding photographer owns:

1. Camera

Professional wedding photographers usually bring two cameras to shoot a wedding. They also bring a backup camera for emergency, but two cameras should be enough to be able to take great wedding photos. There are a lot of things that can possibly go wrong during a wedding photo shoot; wedding photographers should be ready in case something bad happens to their primary camera.

2. Zoom Lens

Wedding photographers should have zoom lens that can help him take a close-up shut even when he is a few feet away from his subject. The most commonly used zoom lens is a 24-70 f2.8. It should be attached to one of the cameras majority of the time. This specific focal length is great for capturing wedding portraits. The wide aperture of this lens give wedding photographers the ability to take high quality photos even in spaces where there is not much light.

3. Memory cards and batteries

It is necessary to bring more than one memory cards and batteries. Usually, wedding photographers are able to shoot at least 50 to 60 GB of pictures. They usually spend two sets of batteries for each camera. It is also important to make sure that the batteries are fully charged and the memory cards have enough free space.

4. Speed lights

There are spaces in the wedding and reception venue that is just too dark that it is impossible to take a good photo. This is when speed lights become handy to wedding photographers. There are many speed light photography tips you can find online. It is nice to be equipped with this knowledge if you are going to shoot nighttime weddings or at churches with poor lighting.

5. Camera bag

Wedding photographers need a bag where they can put all their gear in. It should be comfortable enough to carry around as the photographer moves from one place to another within the venue.

These are the top five essential items wedding photographers must always have. They should always be ready for a wedding photo shoot. Have some photo booths also for this event.