Tips to Keep in Mind when Going Waterskiing for the First Time with Children

Teaching your children how to ski on water can be an exciting experience for both of you. As it is, most children love splashing in water and the added rush of skiing will definitely endear them to this water sport for life. Learning this fast-paced and adventurous game from an early age will also make them more confident and fearless so this is something you must try out. Water skiing is not difficult to learn and there are plenty of lakes and rivers that offer facilities where you can practice with your kids.

Getting into the Water

Maintaining balance is of utmost importance when skiing over water…in fact, keeping your balance can make all the difference between a casual fall and a heavy injury. Children must learn how to balance themselves on the balls of their feet instead of the heels. This is very important as balancing on the balls of the feet takes the weight off the heels and the butts and reduces the risk of accidental fall. Standing on the balls of the feet with knees bent always gives more balance to the entire body and more control to the skier. This stance is also perfect for learning all those tricks later on.

Patience is what is required most as it can be frustrating at times. Get in the water yourself (another adult can man the boat) to ease your child’s apprehension. In the initial days, you child will want you to be there when he falls into the water or when his skis are not pointing in the right direction. Getting a swimming lesson to enjoy water skiing is needed for the safety of your kids.