Tips on Placing Restaurant Refrigerators Smartly in a Clustered Kitchen

Your restaurant refrigerators are the lifeline of your café or eatery. Can you imagine a situation where you don’t have access to your fridge? It will become impossible to serve your customers if your fridge is not utilized properly. Most restaurant owners face the common problem of having a space crunch in their kitchens.

Mentally assign workstations

Do you have separate counters for peeling, chopping, cutting and prepping in the kitchen? If you have not kept different counters already then the time to assign them is now! See to it that other kitchen equipments are also in their proper places. The refrigerator should be kept in a place from where the cutting and prepping counters can be reached easily. The position of the refrigerator should be such most of your kitchen workers and cooks have easy access to it. Assigning separate workstation for different food preparation activities will help you organize your kitchen much better.

Make up a work triangle

A kitchen work triangle is a unique concept which relies on the use of 3 elements which are used frequently in your restaurant kitchen. The three elements are kitchen range, refrigerator, sink. You might have more elements like microwaves, coffee machines etc but to understand the triangle concept you can consider these three primary elements first. The distance between these elements should not be less than 4 feet and should not be more than 9 feet. The summation of all three sides of the kitchen triangle should lie between the range f 13 feet to 26 feet. Anything lesser will make your cluttered kitchen look even more cramped.

Make sure that there is adequate space

Don’t put any large appliances right near the restaurant refrigerators. You will have to open and close the fridge doors a good many number of times in a day so make sure that there is enough space. You should be able t pull open the vegetable box, the chiller tray and the fridge door wide open in your restaurant kitchen without causing obstruction to other people or appliances.

Moving to a new place with these kitchen equipments will be less hassle when you hire a professional mover. Professional movers also have a mobile storage for your excess stuffs.

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