Tips to Make Your Wedding Fun for Guests

If you’ve been to a boring wedding, you’ll surely understand how it can be a terrible experience. So, if  you will be having your wedding soon and you want to make it fun for everybody, including the kids, check out these tips:

Good food

Food is a kind of entertainment that you can give to guests. You can experiment with the cuisine and play with the food presentation so the guests will enjoy the experience. Instead of the usual plated meals, why not hire a chef that can make the food exciting for everybody? Talk to your organizer about the plan so they can help you prepare. Don’t forget to research on the ingredients to know which of the guests is allergic to seafood or more.

Mind the seating arrangement

In your wedding, you want to avoid awkward silence and having guests feel out of place. So, make sure to plan the seating arrangement thoroughly. Assign people in table with their mutual friends. If you fail to plan ahead, guests can get bored and will start to leave because of being stuck in an uncomfortable arrangement.

Entertain kids

Parents cannot fully enjoy the ceremony if they have hungry and cranky kids. So, make sure to prepare some fun activities for toddlers too. Say, purchase a colouring book that they can do all throughout the event. You can also setup a playing area so parents can easily monitor their child. If you can, better hire someone to look after kids.

Decorate the venue

Having a well-decorated venue will make the event more memorable. Whatever the theme is, if you make an effort to put up decorations, guests will be mesmerised.

Get a photo booth

Aside from the wedding photographer, you also need something that can help you entertain guests.  One great way is to get a photo booth hire. It will also serve as a giveaway to your guests so contact The Booth Fairy today. Visit today!