Tips for Cleaning Delicate Carpets

All carpets are cleaned the same way except that some require more attention than others depending on the carpet material and the stain in question. Although delicate carpets may be difficult to maintain, following the right procedure when cleaning may however save you the expense of having to hire expensive professionals or ultimately purchasing a new set altogether. Below are some tips to help you clean delicate carpets.

Treat each stain individually because all of them are unique and different from each other. Each stain has a specific combination of treatment solution known to be its carpet cleaner. Focus on using the right treatment for the right stain.
As the name suggests, delicate carpets should be treated with caution. This is to mean that they should be cleaned thoroughly and frequently. Using a vacuum carpet cleaner is the easiest way to maintain cleanliness and to prevent it from aging fast.

A simple stain may be the worse especially if you lightly ignore it as soon as it is done. If the carpet is made of a delicate material, it may grow permanent if not promptly removed. The longer it stays the harder it will be to remove.carpet-cleaning
Delicate carpets are made of delicate material which may react to detergents. If you do not know the right amount of recommended detergent for your stain removal, it is recommended that you contact an affordable carpet cleaning and pest control services.

Rubbing or brushing stains on delicate carpets one thing you must never do. Alternatively, you are required to blot or dab the stained area with a piece of cloth and a carpet cleaner. Rubbing destroys the carpet fibers and spoils the fluffs. When removing stains, always start from the outside towards the inside to avoid spreading.

Every carpet is different from the other. Some tough and other delicate. Those that are delicate are also sensitive to acid-based cleansers and may lose color so fast. Others are also sensitive to alkaline-based dyes and detergents. For all these reasons, it is in order to test the type of carpet you have before using a specific carpet cleaner or undertaking any carpet cleaning procedure.

Over wetting of delicate carpets is not allowed. Water for instance when used to wash the carpet may make the carpet too heavy to move around for drying. If the carpet is forcefully lifted in such weight it may lead to spoilage. Wetting with cleaning detergents can also cause brownout, shrinking or even adhesion.