Things you Should Verify Before Hiring a Demolition Contractor for the First Time

You may want to demolish an existing residential or commercial for different reasons but for that you must first identify a good demolition service provider. This is something easier said than done as the market is flooded with shoddy operators who can abandon the project midway; leaving your stranded with heaps of rubble. Or they may carry out the demolition without a care for standard safety procedures or legal obligations. Identifying reliable demolition contractors should be your top priority if you want your demolition to be safe; quick; stress-free and in compliance to all standards and legal requirements.

Verify their License

A professional and reputable demolition contractor must have a valid license as this is something made compulsory by law. The license is an indication of the contractor’s knowledge on safe working methods involved in demolition, relevant training and qualification and related experience. It also indicates that he is aware of all standard regulations such as Australian Standard AS 2601–2001 and Occupational Safety and Health Act and is legally bound to follow these at every step of the demolition process.

Enquire about Equipments

Before hiring any demolition company, always enquire if they own all the necessary equipments required for safe and quick demolition and thorough disposal of trash. The equipments should not be outsourced from a third party vendor whose credentials you are unaware of. Faulty or wrong equipments can make demolition hazardous both for workers and onlookers/passersby. Essential equipments required for demolition include excavators, cranes, trenching buckets, hydraulic hammers, rock grinders, rock saws, pulverizers, terrain vehicles and so on.

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Ask if they provide Rubbish Disposal

Demolition always generates a lot of rubbish irrespective of the size of the building to be demolished. It would be too risky, expensive and hazardous to remove all that rubbish yourself in a safe and quick manner. This is best left to experts and so the demolition contractor you hire must provide this service as part of the contract. Some contractors will even lower their estimate for the project if you allow them to salvage reusable materials from the site.

Verify Insurance

Demolition is definitely a hazardous process that can endanger life and property. Therefore before you hire any contractor always ensure he is covered by general liability insurance which will cover for any kind of mishap at the site while the demolition process is going on. In case the contractor does not have the necessary insurance cover, the client (you) will be have to pay compensation for any damage to property or life.

EWP ticket training is needed to properly prepare the crane drivers for their job.

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