Things to Keep in Mind when Opting for Particular Themes for your Bedroom

Your bedroom is perhaps the most important room in your house…your personal haven where you rest, rejuvenate and refresh your tired body and soul. A bedroom is not merely a place to sleep. They way you decorate your bedroom speaks volumes about your lifestyle, personality and preferences. Bedroom renovation should therefore never be taken lightly. The right theme and décor will effectively lift your mundane bedroom from something basic to the realms of extravagant pleasure and fantasy.

Picking the Right Theme for your Bedroom

Picking a theme for your master bedroom should never be an impulsive decision. A lot of careful planning and research should go before you come upon a theme just right for your bedroom.

Select a Theme you are Comfortable With

Many people consider bedroom renovation as simple as lifting a layout from fashionable home magazines, calling in a designer and just waiting for the ‘magic’ to happen. It seldom works that way! The theme you select should be one with which YOU can live comfortably for at least a few years to come. Canary yellow and blood red may look glamorous on magazine pages but in real life, this utterly wild combination can give you a headache or hurt your eyes. Always stick to safe themes or themes and colour combos about which you have good knowledge.

Study Room – Too much Storage

Agreed that the study room is where you are going to keep your books and important paperwork or files. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you dump it with too many storage cabinets. That would just make the study room look cluttered. Storage space is a must, but plan your storage cabinets wisely. Use contemporary designs or wall shelves.

Choosing a boring colour

Most study rooms follow the age-old format of a drab brown shade or beige tone. You don’t have to follow the same old tones though. Add some colour to your study room, paint one side with vibrant colours so it can make the room look more exciting. Boring old shades are out and vibrant colours are more the norm these days.

Forgetting the Flooring

Don’t make your study room a last priority. Invest in special wooden flooring or marble flooring if you have the budget for it. Most home owners tend to spend more time and money on the other parts of the house. When you are choose renovations Perth, ensure that you don’t make that mistake.

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