Things to Keep in Mind when Checking a New Equipment For the First Time

Electrical equipment like computers, fax machines, paper shredders, LCD screens etc have made life so much easier at your workplace. Whereas you must have electric iron, refrigerator, television, microwaves, hair dryers and so many other appliances that you just can’t seem to do without at your home. When you purchase electrical equipment for your home and office you need to hire the services of a test and tag service that can check for quality of the same.

Conducting the visual inspection

There may be some defects in newly purchased appliances that you might have missed while you selected the same at the showroom. After you bring the appliances home it’s better to get them tested and tagged so that any external damage is quickly detected. There could be a plug, accessory or socket outlet which is missing and this can prevent the appliance from being installed successfully. The connectors should also be checked for defects through test and tag.

Fire risk assessment

Tangled electrical wires lying in a mismanaged heap at one corner of the office create a dangerous risk of fire. A charred overloaded power board is another dangerous fire risk source. Office or home fires result in disastrous loss of intellectual as well as commercial property, life and health. The testing and tagging service you hire should check all the vulnerable areas of the office which are prone to fire risk and then inform you about the same. When you are more aware about the risks you are exposed to then it becomes easier for you to manage those risks.