The World of A Wedding Photographer

Finding the right photographer on your wedding can be very tedious. There are hundreds of them and to choose one means that you have placed your trust on that wedding photographer to capture in film the very important event of your life. Trust is very important between the couple and the photographer because you will be working together to come up with something that you will cherish for life.

The wedding photographers are expensive to hire because they use camera equipments that are very expensive. They use lenses of different kinds to be able to capture photos from a distance, in compact places such as hotel rooms, in vast environment like outdoor wedding. Add to that the materials used for printing, photo albums, and other miscellaneous.

The couple can learn so much from a wedding photographer. You will be given tips on how to focus your eyes and prevent it from wandering too much, how to angle your face, how to use the shoulders and hips to look slimmer in photos. In addition, it is important that the couple has a positive rapport with the wedding photographer.

A wedding photographer normally takes about 400 pictures but only half of these will see print. The photographer has the right to choose which of the pictures taken can be printed. However, the couple can be consulted.  If you ever wonder if wedding photographers use Photoshop, the answer is no. These are professional photographers and they adjust the amount of light before pressing the shutter. The only thing they do during the printing process is to manipulate the shadow and the brightness of the photographs. Besides, too much enhancement is not advisable.

Some couples do the ‘first look’. Before proceeding to the wedding venue, the couple sees each other in private to lessen wedding jitters. It is that moment that photographers love to shoot because the emotions are raw. Romantic moments are best captured during the ‘first look’.  There is so much emotion to be captured in such a brief and tender moment.

The best time to book for a wedding photographer is six months before your wedding date. But the well-known photographers get bookings as early as one year prior to the wedding date. Lastly, if you are wondering if photographers must be given tips or not, they do not expect it but they can always appreciate it. It is a good way of expressing to them your satisfaction.