The Secret Diary of a Professional Painter

When renovating a house or buying a new house there is a list of things that needs to be done. Furniture, electronics, kitchen items, toilet items and most importantly paint. People love painting their house in different colors.

Children’s room is painted differently. It is more colorful and bright with wallpapers of their favorite cartoons. Adults’ room is painted in colors like brown, beige, white and is more sophisticated with subtle wallpapers. The interior and the exterior of the house are painted differently and so on.

The owner of the house hires a professional painter then to help him go through the drama and chaos of painting every room according to the demands of his family.

Why not paint your house by yourself?

This idea definitely sounds interesting for youngsters who just bought an apartment and have the urge to paint their house with their friends. They then end up painting their apartment very beautifully or mostly, it turns out to be disastrous when they try making different designs and colors.

Painting your own house is an interesting and fun idea but it is recommended to not implement it. One of the reasons is because you cannot be as efficient as someone who has been trained to paint properly. Also, you might miss some spots or corners which will make your end result appear to be bad.

Another reason is that, you are not aware of the colors that will look best according to the room size or the sunlight coming directly into the room. People base their judgments on things they like. They don’t see the long term effect. For instance, you might paint your child’s room dark blue in a room which is very small. This will create a very hot atmosphere in the room and if the general weather is very humid, then there can be worse consequences.

Why hire a professional painter?

One of the obvious reasons is that he is professional. Also, they are efficient and fast. Painters have techniques that produce amazing results and makes painting appear easy. Also, they know about some common secrets that a non painter is unaware of.

One of the things they know is that start on a smooth wall where there is no sand. This is why you will often see them using sand paper because they want to sand away the flaws.

We have a habit of directly wall painting. A professional will first fill holes and patch cracks and then start the actual painting.

Their technique for the ceilings of the wall in order to get a straight line is to run a screwdriver over the perimeter of the ceiling to scrape the texture.

Instead of using bed sheets and other sheets as drop cloths, pros use canvas cloths which absorbs the splatters rather than letting them being printed on the floor.

They pay their entire attention on one wall and then start the other wall instead of painting the corners of every wall first like what every non painter usually does.