The Kabuki Brush: Japanese Makeup Artists Magic Tool

It is very unfair for a lot of Japanese makeup artists that people only think of the dresses, the designers, and the models, when everyone talks about fashion. Behind a great fashion show are great makeup artists. In Japan alone, there are makeup artists who are able to enhance the beauty of the models and the dresses they wear. These makeup artists have one very important tool: the kabuki brush.

Why Use the Kabuki Brush

Japanese makeup artists use the kabuki brush because they can be used comfortably with their hands and can be used in the application of mineral foundations, blushes, and setting powders. It is an all-purpose brush made of super soft goat hair. The brush makes it possible to apply makeup smoothly even on the delicate contours of the face.

Although many Japanese makeup artists use the kabuki brush mainly for bronzer application on the face, it comes in many different sizes so it can also be used when dusting bronzers on the cleavage and the shoulders.

The Perfect Kabuki Brush

Japanese makeup artists know that authentic kabuki brushes are made with very fine, very soft goat hair. The kabuki brush is a bit pricier than ordinary makeup brushes. If you find a kabuki brush at a cheap price you can’t be sure it is of good quality. High quality kabuki brushes used by Japanese makeup artists are usually retractable which makes it super easy to use.

Caring for the Kabuki Brush

The kabuki brush is a bit more expensive than ordinary brushes you see at drugstores. It is therefore necessary to take care of them properly so you can use them for a long period of time. Moreover, a properly cleaned kabuki brush will give you better makeup results than dirty ones. You will also be doing yourself a favor since it will keep your skin from getting exposed to germs and bacteria that may build on the brush if you leave it unclean.

Japanese makeup artists clean their kabuki brushes with mild soap and water and then rinse them with tap water very thoroughly. You need to make sure that no soap residue is left behind as this might leave your kabuki brush brittle. Drying the brush is super easy with the help of a hair dryer but if you are not in a hurry you can just have it sit upright on a cup and leave it to air dry.