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Go Box Mobile Storage is Australian’s most unique, accessible and convenient mobile storage company. It is certainly the company to check out if you want excellent and easy service, with the best to offer. However in this article, you will have tons of content on how to properly pack, move and store with Go Box Mobile Storage in Adelaide. After all, preparation and protection is key. To prepare all your stuff for Go Box Mobile Storage here are some tips on how to protect your items:

Protection Tips:


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• Delicate and fragile items can be secured and wrapped individually in materials such as bubble wrap or butcher’s paper and labeling clearly, ”fragile items.” Always emphasize the handling of those items with care.
• Secure soft furniture such as mattresses and sofas in special protective coverings to ensure that in the event of rainy weather conditions, Go Box Mobile Storage can proceed moving your items protectively.
• Avoid packing anything that can attract vermin, such as food or similar.
Fridges and freezers should be defrosted, dried and cleaned before moving.
• Books should be packed in a flat position so that their spines are protected
• Clothes can be stored in special Go Box Mobile Storage linen bags or tea chests.

Packing Tips:

• Have lots of moving cardboard boxes available. The same sized boxes are recommended for easy packing and stacking. Go Box has specialized boxes designed just for this. Regular cardboard boxes are not designed to protect your items, however, Gobox boxes are strong and durable for the task.
• Boxes should be closed, labeled and taped securely with packing tape to avoid dust from entering.
• Have an invoice book close, so that you can take stock of all your items and exactly which boxes they are located in. The complete list of contents should be mentioned in the book, adding pictures could also help jogging your memory of each and every item that you have packed.

Storing Tips:

• Place the heavier and bulkier boxes on the bottom, and stack lighter boxes on the top. Again, same sized boxes are recommended for easy stacking service.
• Items such as couches and mattresses should be stored at the edge of the unit’s walls.
• Wrap any mirrors, paintings and other fitting items with bubble wrap and do not store flatly. They should be placed in upright positions and utilize as much of small spaces as possible.
• Boxes should be labeled on all sides if possible, as to be pristine about its correct contents.
• The spaces, which are inside wardrobes, dressers, armoires, desks, and fridges, are a good source of utilization for storing other items and maximizing your space.
• Ensure that items are not too highly stacked, as not only does it pose a serious danger if it falls on anyone, but it also can break pertinent contents inside of the boxes, and could possibly cause an avalanche of storing boxes.
• Any items which you might need accessible and soon, should be placed close to the storage unit door for your convenience.