The EWP Ticket Course

The construction industry is getting bigger and bigger nowadays because of the many people who are building their business establishments and business sites. So if you are looking for a job then you should head for this industry since you will surely find the right job for you. Just like being involved with one of the most essential work in the construction industry, being a crane operator or ewp operator or personnel. This job is actually quite important in the industry since the buildings of today are really high and they need people to elevate the people who are doing the building process.

 But being an ewp personnel or operator is not that easy to achieve. Since this is a very risky job, especially for the people who will be lifted or the gears and other tools that will be lifted, it is a must that the ewp operator will first undergo training necessary for him to know the basics and other things that he should know about the job. He needs to take up the ewp ticket Sunshine Coast to be able to qualify for the high risk jobs that he wants to apply for.

Here is the course out of ewp ticket course.


1. Evaluating hazards and carefully planning the work to be done.

It is a must for the person who will be doing the ewp work to assess or evaluate if there are hazards that could hinder the work or anything that could cause destruction to it. He should also be able to plan out everything that will be done for the job to be successfully executed. No one and nothing should be put at risk during the work process because this is what the ewp personnel is for, getting the job done without harming anybody or doing any damage to anything.

2. Checking the equipment to be used.

Before lifting anything, the personnel should first do a routine checkup to the equipment that will be used so that he will know if it is fit to be used or not. Also, if there are things that are to be fixed, it should already be fixed before using it to lift anything since using it without fixing the damages could put everybody’s life in danger and at risk. The equipment used by the ewp operator is large equipment and it is something that should be handled carefully and handled by someone who really knows how to handle it.

3. Maneuvering the elevating work platform.

The trainee will know everything about how to handle the elevating work platform properly. It will be done by a step by step process. He will know every inch of the equipment he is handling so that when he is finally onsite and ready to perform his task, he will be able to do it properly. The first step that he must to is to setup and ensure that the elevating work platform is working. Next is operating it according to how it is supposed to be operated and properly shutting it down when it is no longer in use.