The Advantages of Using Neon Signs

There are many ways as to how you can advertise your business. Some may distribute flyers so people would know the existence of your business. The other effective way of advertising your business is through neon shop signs. These signs have been used and found effective by many establishments for the past years. The very first light tubes were done during the 60’s. History points to a French man who is an engineer and invented the neon signs as these kinds of signs can be seen easily by passerby even at night time. It was a barber from Paris who first tried using the signs two years after the signs were invented by the Parisian engineer.



Today neon signs are widely used by business establishments because these can easily attract attention especially if there is interplay of colors. The customers will not have a rough time locating the business establishment as it can be seen even from afar. By using this type of signage, the business establishment becomes highly visible. It used to be that neon signs were made from gas mixtures but these days, the lights are made using the latest technology of fiber optics and LED making the lights brighter and more energy-efficient. Replacing the bulbs are not very challenging, too.

Though these lights are very attractive, there are some guidelines that you need to follow in order to have an effective marketing campaign. Firstly, avoid annoying people with too much brightness, try to maintain a size that is not too “bossy” as this can only turn-off some people. Secondly, be content with just one neon signs for your business establishment as too much of the good stuff can turn sour. There is such a thing as visual overload and if you overdo it, the customers may get confused and even prevent going inside your business establishment.

One of the major advantages of using neon signs is the durability factor. These signs can last up to ten years or even more. The owners just need to change the light bulbs. Also, the neon lights these days make use of LED technology which is more lasting and energy efficient. Then the most unique attraction is the attractive color combination. The customers are greeted with a warm welcome through beautiful colors that are visually appealing. So hire the neon sign – makers of neon signs online which can make your business shine bright like a diamond.