Smelly Stinking Surface

Carpets are known to provide comfort to the homeowners after a long day in work. Its soft surface can bring warm to the home, yet along with it is its vulnerability to capture and keep all kinds of odours. A smelly, stinking odour in your carpet can turn your home unwelcoming to people. It can also be unbearable to live in a home with a reeking carpet, whether part only of the carpet is spoiled. If your carpet holds on a foul smell, then it’s time to contact carpet steam cleaning Berwick.

There are different ways to eliminate the odours which might work also in your carpet. (1) For general odours, you can sprinkle a baking soda. It is the most easiest and excellent way to remove the unbearable smell of your carpet. In carpet cleaning, why it is the easiest then? Because it is accessible–all you have to do is pick it out of your kitchen shelf. It is well-known that baking soda can remove bad odours. The process in using baking soda starts by sprinkling it to the stinking surface. After which, you can use a brush for carpet to let the powder sink into the carpet fibers. Then sprinkle another layer of powder to the surface for it to be effective in removing the odour. You should remain it unattended for a night, and then sweep it. After sweeping the top layer, you have to use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the powder from the carpet. Check whether there is a change in the odour, and if there’s not, you have to repeat the procedure until the odour is completely gone. Carpet cleaning then is important to employ.

(2) For liquid odours, you can apply vinegar. If the carpet is spoiled from the spilled food, beverage and other solutions that is left unclean, then applying vinegar to the affected area of the carpet is a brilliant solution. The process starts by using a cloth that is soft to spot the vinegar onto the surface or you can spray it directly to the carpet. Allow the vinegar to sink through the carpet for 15 minutes and after it, you can blot it out using a soft cloth. Then spray a clean water to rinse it, and absorb the remaining water off the carpet by using a cloth. You can repeat the process if necessary. (3) For smoke odours, you can consider using ammonia. Odours produced by smoke can be difficult to remove. A better way to eliminate it then is by spraying ammonia onto the carpet. The process starts by mixing a cup of ammonia and a bucket of water, then spray it on the affected area. After a few minutes, you can vacuum it to clean and freshen up the carpet. However, when using this solution, make sure that you use eyewear and protective gloves since this can burn the eyes when it gets there. It is also advisable to let the windows open when doing the carpet cleaning to have the necessary ventilation.

Remember, the next time you are handling liquids, make sure to handle them with care so that you can avoid the smelly, and stinking odour on your carpet floors. An old adage says, ‘an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure.’