Self Storage Solutions

Portal Box self storage solutions are highly effective as they are cost effective. You won’t have to incur the added cost of hiring large sized trailers, bulky trucks and can even assist in the moving process yourself. The boxes used by these guys are highly flexible and can be even left on your driveway if you cannot accommodate them in your home. This is a 100% mobile storage solution and it’s your choice where you want to position the storage units.

Where to buy affordable Mini Storage in Adelaide?

Benefit from the great security

You can buy your own lock and give it to the self storage system. This way the only keys to that lock are kept by you. Obviously you will feel great peace of mind knowing that your goods are in safe custody. The portal box storage facility uses secure latching systems that are compatible with most varieties of padlocks. All the doors of this kind of storage facility are wide spaced for ease of loading and unloading. Due to the portable nature of the storage facility there is less scope of manhandling the goods.

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Flexi term options

When you are travelling abroad on an important project you cannot be really sure of the number of days you will have to stay abroad. Often projects get extended and you might have to stay on for a month or two. In this case self storing spaces help you out with their flexi term deal. You can easily call up or e mail and extend your storage rental term. You might also sign on beforehand to a flexi term and ensure that you pay only for the number of months that you are actually keeping your stuff there. You can upscale your demands for more space or you can downsize your requirements too if it suits you to do so.

Choose from a huge range

There are lots of ranges from where you can store your required units. Right from a small locker to dual garage models there is something here for every pocket and requirement. You are also spared the irritation of paying for more space than you possibly require if you don’t have much stuff in the first place.
The storage option will take away most of your worries regarding the safety and security of your precious belongings while you are away. This way you can prepare and look forward to your grand trip abroad.

Storage Facilities

Vault Storage

This type of storage offers you your own private vault that you can access any time with your exclusive PIN facility. Varieties of vault sizes from walk-in vaults to lockers are available and all of them are part of the same climate control and security system setup. A private vault is ideally suited for serious collectors who have hundreds of bottles in their collection and would like to access any of these any time either for private consumption or commercial purpose.

Storing your Wine

A bottle of good wine is a passion for some or a lucrative business proposition for others. Whatever be your reasons, you must take care to store your bottles carefully otherwise the wine will age prematurely and turn to vinegar. While selecting a storage facility, you should therefore check out the basic amenities and conditions.

Security Setup

Premium wines are expensive and security concerns should be your top priority while storing the bottles in a rented facility. Most top-class storage facilities have modern security facilities such as PIN guards, fingerprint scanners, proximity tags and trained guards to safeguard the precious collection. Always check the security aspect and how customers access their vaults before signing any contract.

Storing the Bottles

All top-rated storage facilities have onsite storage professionals to help you decide on the size of vault you need. They will offer you flexible options so that you can continue storing your wines in the best of conditions as your collection expands. You should also have the option of storing your bottles either on shelves or racks or inside cases.