Selection of Floors for your Home

If you are building a new home, the selection for floors is very varied. The style is dependent on your lifestyle- like if you have some helps in the house who can maintain the shine or will it be you who will do the maintenance over the weekends only. Factors such as pets and children will also determine the kind of floors for your home.

Floating timber flooring

This type has many advantages. First, it resembles the look of a real wood. Though floating timber flooring is sourced from real woods, only the upper layer of the floors are made from wood, thus, the price is lesser as compared if you will use hardwood. It is considered friendlier to the environment because it lessens significantly the cutting of trees. Second, it can be installed by the homeowners themselves.


This is very costly and you need to hire the expertise professionals to install the floors. However, it is easy to maintain and vacuuming is enough to make the floor shiny. On top of that, the resale value of the property can fetch a higher price if hardwoods are used for flooring.


Floors of these types are ideal in areas where water spillage normally occurs, such as the kitchen, dining, and bathroom areas. The choices are very varied from color to design and even sizes. Some tiles are even resistant to scratches such as glazed ceramic tiles. The materials of tiles are made from marble, granite, porcelain, slate, and travertine. The disadvantages of these kinds of floors are cracking which is irreparable and the coldness it adds during the winter months.


This is the perfect one for those who are budget conscious. is very durable and it can take the heavy traffic around the house. It is fairly easy to maintain and pets cannot cause damage. The only problem is that standing water can cause damage to the laminate.


The good thing about this type of flooring is it is so soft to walk on. It has many colors to choose from that can complement the room. It is also very ideal for temperate countries as carpets do give some heat indoors. However, carpet cleaning can be quite challenging as you need to have it shampooed so as to kill mites and its eggs.

Cork floors

Like carpets, they are very soft to walk on and they absorb sound. It is also ideal for temperate countries for its insulation property. But the color will fade overtime and heavy furniture can cause pressure points.