Questions to Ask Your Corporate Caterer

Asking questions is necessary to ensure that you are getting the catering service that you need. You cannot assess their capabilities and you would never know what to expect unless you ask questions relevant to their services. Here are some questions you can use:

  • What is the maximum and a minimum number of heads you can serve?

This is necessary to know whether they can deliver to your requirements or not. Some corporate caterers have limitations in terms of a number of heads they can accommodate. This being the case, you need to be accurate as to how many attendees you are expecting and see whether they can handle the crowd or not.

  • Are you available on my desired date?

One of the things that people miss out is asking for date availability. They assume that they are always available, making this the least of their concern. If you are considering a company that is doing well in the catering industry, expect that their schedule is tight. Thus, it is recommended that you ask this immediately or at least schedule far before your desired date— a month or more in advance.

  • What are the items on your menu?

What is the caterer’s speciality? For sure, any corporate caterers have their own speciality. Thus, including it in the menu is ideal. Ask them what they can recommend, and make sure that their recommendations count. It is their business, so they know what they can do best. It is best if you get the list of their speciality for each course and choose from there.

  • Do you offer discounts and specials?

If you want a discount, then ask for it. No one is stopping you doing so.

  • How long have you been in the industry?

Their tenure is a good factor to consider. It can tell you whether they are good with what they do or not. The tight marketing competition in this industry will not let a company last for years unless they are trusted by companies and corporations.

Always look for reliable corporate caterers. These professionals can make your event successful. Go contact one today.