Quality RM Williams Product Line

RM Williams has been making fine boots for the past eighty years. The company was founded by Reginald Williams who learned about shoe making from Dollar Mick. Together, they constructed boots that are to be used by workers in the bush who are exposed to rough terrains. The RM Williams line of boots is very soft and durable that the bush workers find them very comfortable for field work. Today, they have expanded their product line and you can see on their website that they have boots for all occasions for both men and women. The line of clothing is also something to consider as the garments that are uses are very soft and durable.

Shoe construction of RM Williams boots

The first thing they consider is the leather they use for the boots. They usually use yearling leather because of its softness and durability. Then there is also the kangaroo leather which also possesses softness and durability. The other kinds of leather used in the line of boots of RM Williams are young calf from France and suede leather. Fro made to order boots, crocodile leather and ostrich leather may be requested.
The shoe construction will prevent wearers from getting blisters from first-time use of the boots. This is achieved by breaking-in the shoes.

Even before they release the boots for selling, the boots have already been break in so the upper portion of the boots have extended and the boot will immediately conform to the shape of the feet. A polyester bound elastic thread is used on all RM Williams boots for sewing the boots which add softness and comfort. Then they use a nylon thread for double stitching each boot and then close it using a single seam at the back of the heel part of the boots. This singe seam is the signature of RM Williams as it prevents the feet from getting blisters even from the first-time usage. Then a tag is sewn at the back of the boots so the wearer can easily remove the shoes with just one pull of the tag.

Welt soles are used in all RM Williams boots. The welt soles give softness and comfort. A thermo plastic laminated toe stiffeners are used in order to allow the shoes to conform to the shape of the feet. This will also prevent the shoes from getting out of shape. In order to stiffen the heels of the boots, molded heel are used and added in between the linings which make the boots durable. Lastly only waxed threads are used to sew the heels which make the RM Williams boot s extra softer and comfortable.