Principles of a Successful Web Design

The easy use and benefits of website to the user is what determines the success or down fall of a website. Since the person who makes a mouse licks to your website is the one who makes the rules. User friendly design has become a major method for a successful web design. If users will not the have easiness navigating your website then there is no need for it.

User Friendly

The first rule of usability states that, the site should be simple and easy to understand. When designing a web, your work is avoid question marks on activities that visitors on your page need to carry out, considering the advantages and disadvantages or any other alternatives available.

Make Limitations Minimal

In every service that you are planning to offer to your clients, try to practice minimal user limitations. The less requirements needed from visitors to try out a site, the more likely traffic will increase. New users are willing to try out you website if there will be no long procedures to be followed. Allow users to navigate and learn about your web services without asking them to fill in private information.

Attract Users Attention

A good web design gives good content that keeps them making more mouse clicks. Some features of the web lures more traffic. Pictures are more attractive than just plain texts, just as a words highlighted in bold appear more interactive than just normal texts.

Work for Feature Exposure

The 21st century designs have been criticized for the way they offer users with attractive guidelines, and big button clicks that have visual designs. But from a designers view these features are actually a good thing. This guidelines are successful in guiding users through the website in a friendly manner.

Create Useful Content

As web is not similar to physical print, it is good to change the writing style to visitors likes and browsing activities. Wide texts without pictures and bold keywords or italics might be ignored. Exaggerated information might also be skipped.

Keep it Simple

keeping a web simple should be the major key for any web design. Visitors should enjoy a site for the short time they visit it, and in most cases they could be searching for information, rather than just the design.

Use Conventions

Conventional design of websites features brings out interesting websites. Conventions are important as they minimize the learning graph, and the requirements to know how things are done. For Example, it can be disappointing for users if all websites did not have the same visual elements of RSS search results.

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