Precautions to Take When Storing your Caravan in a Storage Facility

Are you planning to go on a vacation, but worried about the valuable items like your vehicles or caravans that you will leave behind? Don’t worry. Fortunately, in today’s time, you can easily choose caravans storage to keep your expensive recreation vehicles in. Dedicated facilities are also available for cars and bikes too. When you are storing your caravan though, it helps to take certain precautions, for instance:

Choose a central storage spot

The storage facility you choose to store your caravan in may either use open areas for caravan storage purposes or sheltered garages. Either way, if you plan on keeping your caravan for more than a few weeks, choosing a central storage spot would be best. When you go to drop off your caravan, try to choose the storage spot yourself too. In some cases, the staff may not allow that, but you can always work around it. Park the vehicle yourself in the final storage spot and lock it well before you leave.

Cover it

Use a proper caravan cover, a material similar to a car cover when you leave the caravan. The storage facility staff may have some covers too. However, the cleanliness of your caravan may not be a primary concern for them. By covering your caravan, it will help ensure that the caravan is clean.

Leave a duplicate key with someone

When you leave town, ensure that a spare key is left with someone reliable. You can also ask the person to probably go and check on your caravan once in a way, especially if you plan on staying out of town for a long time.

These simple precautions will help ensure that your caravan and vehicle is kept well and safe. Furthermore, it will help you be at ease too and reduce your worry.