Plumbing- The Historical Mystery Unfolds


Plumbing originated in the historic times in a lot of cities across the globe which includes Greece, India, China, Japan, Rome and Persia. It is derived from the Latin word plum bum and properly means working with lead. People in those times devised public baths and realized the use and importance of the same and devised strategies and plans in waste water removal and providing the potable water for all the people concerned. The plumbing pipes Earthen and with broad asphalt flanges were used in the civilization of Indus Valley they are using pipes lead which is in the year of 2700 BC in their plumbing patterns and systems which came in very handy in nullifying water theft. Nowadays, plumber techniques have reached heights and are also considered to be one of the main criteria before categorizing first, second and third world countries.

In the early periods…

The early Roman plumber made several arrangements for the waste water removal and they used aqueducts and lead pipes for the betterment of the masses. They relied on gravity for water supplies and made use of clay, bamboo and stones. Hollow bamboos surrounded by metal fittings were used in the water mains. The dusk came in as soon as the fall of Rome which resulted in lagging of water removal and accumulation, which automatically made the whole thing, stagnated and it continued for over a 1000 years. During this period the governments concentrated on waste removal which if neglected might have given birth to epidemics and diseases. Earlier the wastes were collected and dumped into a ground or a river resulting in water and land pollution. Later the usage of underground sewage canals decreased this dirty practice.

And then after that the next come which is the copper piping gave rise to rigid copper piping with soldering fittings. Logs were used in The Great Britain a mere 600 years ago. The United States cities started using hollowed logs in the early 1700s.

The current scenario

The plumbing techniques also grew and got better with time. First came the grid techniques in which there were numerous waste water removal techniques. After the Second World War, the profound knowledge of lead poisoning in the plumber decreased the usage of lead pipes in the world arena. It was during this time, when copper piping rose to fame and people understood that it can be used as an alternative solution to the lead problem.

In the twenty first century, plumbing can also be defined as the accumulation of pipes, drains, valves, fittings and fixtures for the distribution of potable water and the removal of the waste water. Nowadays, steel, plastic, copper are used in this venture. A wide variety of plastics are used in sanitary solutions in today’s world which primarily includes PVC (poly vinyl chloride). Click here!