Most Common Types of Pool Shapes Found in Homes

Swimming pools are one of the best ways of enjoying the scorching Australian summer. Everybody…from kids to grandpas love plunging into their favourite backyard pool and spend a few hours in cool comfort. When one wants to install a swimming pool, he/she should consider the Pool Area Designs that will suit their requirements.

One should remember that pools can either be above ground or in-ground. Above ground pools are cheaper and can be made quickly from pre-fabricated kits; however they do not offer too much of design option. In-ground pools are dug into the ground and are quite expensive to design and install. However, you can really have the pool of your dreams as in-ground pools are not limited by preset designs. You can select your favourite shape after checking out all the popular shapes commonly seen in in-ground pools. See Sun Sails

Kidney Shaped Pool

A swimming pool shaped like a kidney has become quite trendy of late. It looks quite similar to an oval pool but has an indentation on a particular side to make it resemble a kidney. Kidney pools are a great choice as they can be easily fitted into any backyard irrespective of the shape and size. Kidney pools also blend in better with the surrounding because of their soft bends and contoured looks.

Figure 8 Pool

This is another trendy shape that works great for families who are looking for ways to create separate swimming areas within the same pool. The shape of the figure 8 allows you to have two pools…one with a shallow depth for the kids and the other deep pool for the adults. The two ends can be of different size and you can plant shrubbery at the indentations to create a naturally beautiful design.

A beautiful swimming pool is something that most of the vacationers are looking for a holiday apartment.

Installing a pool heating system is beneficial especially during winter.

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