Microdermabrasion Helps Remove Mild Acne

Scars of mild acne are always an issue for the women. While you are using different creams on these scars, at one point you may see that they stop reacting and you may require something in combination with the medication. There are many cases, when acne sufferers have to go through different procedures like laser treatment, chemical peel offs, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion, so that you can get rid from all the acne scars.

Doctors recommend microdermabrasion to all the patients who have mild acne scars. This procedure is different from the other procedures like chemical peel but most of the people call it a power peel method. In chemical peel, chemicals are used to burn the upper layer of your skin which clears all the scars you have on your face. In microdermabrasion, a special instrument is used to remove the layer of the skin where there are scars. In this method, basically the dead skin cells are removed leaving a layer of fresh skin. Along with this, the collagen in the skin are stimulated in this method, which are responsible for producing a strengthen skin.

This is one of the easiest methods and only takes half an hour for its completion. This is not a surgery, so it can easily be performed at the clinic of a dermatologist. Not only are the clinics, nowadays this method of removing scars also performed at the spas which have experts in their team. While you are getting ready to go through this procedure you are prepared for it. First your skin is cleansed thoroughly, so that all the dirt and other makeup residuals are properly removed. Patients, who have gone through this procedure, believe that it is a painful procedure, so if you think you will not be able to bear the pain, you can ask for an anesthesia.

Once, the procedure is complete you face will be cleaned with a wet cloth to remove all the dead cells from your face. After the procedure, you may have a red face but the redness will fade away after few hours. A dehydrating toner or moisturizer will be applied on your skin by your dermatologist, which will help tightening your skin.

Most of the dermatologist suggests you to apply moisturizers on your face for at least six days, as it will help you control the peeling. Along with this, you must avoid the sun for few days and if you have to go in sun due to some urgent work, try to apply a sunscreen lotion.