Learn About The Most Common Car Detailing Mistakes

There is no denying that car detailing is one of the best things that you can do to your vehicle. In fact, every car owner should have their car detailed at least twice a year for best result and so that their vehicle will be in the best condition as well as it will also be restored to its original look. But one thing you should know though is that you should choose the car detailer properly. Though car detailing is good for your vehicle but if you end up with a wrong car detailer, he might only cause damages to your vehicle instead.

There are a number of common mistakes some car detailers commit and they are listed below:

1. Car is being washed under a direct sunlight or it is washed while still burning hot

• Most car detailing companies are aware of this and they know this is not a good idea. Aside from the fact that it might not be good for the vehicle, it is also an ordeal washing a vehicle under a direct sunlight or when it is still hot. This is because the water as well as the cleaner soap dry up quickly than intended that you might end up having to deal with water spots. If by chance you really have no choice, be sure to spray water to the vehicle from time to time. Hire Brisbane car detailing.

2. Aggressive polishing

• There are car detailers that still use the old type of polishes and they overlook the fact that they are too aggressive for the car’s modern paintwork. According to the experts, one should use a milder polish with micro-abrasives as they can already remove most scratches. If by chance they are still not enough for you, you can then use heavier polish.

3. Using a drying towel to clean up the missed dirt during car washing

• This is another mistake as your drying towel is also dirty. You will just pass the dirt from the towel to the car. Instead, you can use a squeegee to do this job as it can also collect the remaining dirt.

4. Not claying properly

The objective in using a clay bar is for the embedded contaminants to be removed from the car. However, this should be done with ample lubrication so that the clay bar will just glide over the surface for the bottom line to be achieved. Reusing the clay bar is definitely not a good idea as once it is contaminated, it will not be that effective anymore. Instead, if your clay bar is more than 100 grams, you can just cut it in half so that the other half will be reserved for future use.

These are just some of the most common mistakes car detailers commit. There are still a handful of them that are not mentioned here but you can easily check online. These are also the reason why, you should spend enough time in choosing the car detailer.