Kitchen Management

The business health of your restaurant will ultimately depend upon the efficiency of your kitchen which is why you need to run your kitchen in a professional way. An expert kitchen staffing solutions provider or kitchen management experts can do a lot to smooth out customer complaints and fulfill your manpower needs perfectly. Here are some ways you can solve your kitchen woes and help your restaurant do well.



Manage Space Well

The kitchen is a frantic centre of activity in any restaurant. The first thing that you should make sure is that there is enough space for waiters, cleaning staff and kitchen hands to move around without bumping into each other or spilling a few dishes. Space management is very important in terms of good kitchen management restaurant because it will directly affect the efficiency of the kitchen work cycles. The counter top and the sink are two areas which are always cluttered and often dirty. The refrigerator and food processor are often put at the kitchen side where they eat up a lot of space. Hiring a professional designer to remodel your kitchen so that every inch of space is used is a very good idea.

Maintain a Clear Line of Hierarchy

You must have heard of the famous saying “too many cooks spoil the broth”. Well, you should make job roles and the reporting order very clear in your kitchen management restaurant. There must be a head chef and an apprentice chef who can fulfill the responsibilities of the head chef when the former is absent. Food is a subject which excites a lot of discussion and too much interference from all your kitchen staff on the topic of preparation and serving will spoil the show. Remember that each waiter should know the exact number of tables he is supposed to serve.

Conduct Training Programmes

Even if you own a small eatery or cafe it makes sense to put all your new staff into a short training programme. This is because all your kitchen staff should be well acquainted with your business goals, rules in terms of serving protocol and guest relations, quality standards in terms of food and service and other important parameters. Unless the entire kitchen staff is well acquainted with the ultimate business aims of your restaurant they won’t be able to do a great job of running your kitchen.

Increase Your Customer Satisfaction Ratio

Your restaurant will only do well if you manage to keep your customers well fed and satisfied. There are a lot of other things besides good food which a customer expects from your restaurant. Service quality, cutlery quality and speed of order delivery are three important parameters your staff has to pay close attention to. If your restaurant can be rented out to accommodate parties, events and formal dinners then you need to make your staff understand the correct protocol of handling such events. On the other hand if you operate a take-away joint or if you provide home delivery then you need to train your staff especially for these functions.