Kinds of Video Shots

Are you considering making a movie? Good for you. It is always great fun to create your own motion picture. However, making a film which is interesting to watch is not a simple case of point and shoot. There are many settings on your camcorder that you need to be familiar with. These are used for different purposes, creating different effects for the viewer. In order to shoot a good film, you must be very familiar with the types of shots and the different effects they have on your viewers. Read on and find out more about how you use this vital aspect of video production to make your movies great.

The first and easiest of the settings is a wide shot. It is a shot which will capture the entirety of a scene in one. This can either be the whole room, the whole person, or whatever subject you are aiming to shoot. These type of shots are employed in order to establish the setting. It gives the viewer a general overview of what is happening within that space. It also gives a lot of room for action. So if you are in need of a scene setter, then wide angle shots are for your video production.


The next  on our list is the medium shot. This often shows half of the subject. If the subject is a person, it will show them from the waist up. This allows them to be the central focus of the audience’s attention. It also gives them plenty of room to move within the frame. The medium shot is appropriate in showing clear gestures or facial expressions which could be used to create a certain mood. This is actually the most commonly employed shot in film making. It gives enough background to understand the scene while giving a close up of what the subject is doing.

The final type of shot in our list is the all-powerful close up. This is when the frame encapsulates a very small area of the subject. If the subject is a person, the shot may purely focus on the face and nothing else. This type of shot is to specifically show, in great detail, one particular bit of the subject. When it comes to movie making, this plays a big role in influence the emotions of the viewer. This shot makes facial expression the primary means of communication.

So now that you understand all of the main types of shots, you are ready to start your video production.

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