Kinds of Exercise Equipment You Can Install in an Office Gym

As a caring employee, why not install an office gym within the premises and see the difference it makes to the mental and physical health of your valuable staff? Equipments such as elliptical cross trainers, treadmills, exercise bikes or Swiss balls are not at all expensive and take up very little space. Yet, these are highly effective in keeping your employees relaxed, fresh and energized throughout the day so that they can give their best to your company.

Equipments to Select

In general, typical office gyms have some sort of equipment for cardiovascular workouts such as treadmills, elliptical cross trainers, rowing machines or exercise bikes. In addition, you can install some free weights, benches, Swiss balls and resistance bands for strength training. If space permits, you can also have some mats on which your employees can warm up and cool down properly or practice Yoga.


Treadmills are widely used for providing a comprehensive cardiovascular exercise. Modern treadmills have different settings and levels to control intensity depending on user comfort. Employees can measure their heartbeat, calories burned and distance covered while doing the treadmill in order to evaluate their progress. They can even use simulated terrains and rolling hills for a more challenging workout.

Resistance Band

Such bands are commonly used for strength training and improving endurance as a start of a healthy living plan. Your employees also gain in balance and flexibility as they work out regularly using resistance bands. The bands are available in different dimensions and specifications so that there is something suitable for everybody.