How To Protect Your Rugs & Carpets During Parties

Don’t give your guests an excuse to place food and drinks on your carped floor. They will inevitably do so in the absence of a better option, especially in rooms that are far away from the main dining area. Buy adequate number of inexpensive tables and place them at different places throughout the party area or in all the rooms where guests are expected to roam about. Even portable TV tables are a good option to move food and drinks about without the risk of spilling anything on your carpet.

Avoid Using Stemware

Fluted glasses definitely look very elegant and add a classic touch to your party table. However, these are also susceptible to being knocked over easily thereby spilling their contents all over your carpet. Use simple, stem-less wine glasses instead. These look quite modern and are extremely stable too.

Carpet cleaning services are important to maintain the cleanliness of your house.

Provide Adequate Garbage Cans

Decorative garbage cans add to the festive look of your party while providing a safe way of disposing empty plates and glasses. Once your guests know where to throw their leftovers, there will be lesser chance of them just dumping their plates and glasses on the edges of your carpet.

Walk Around Frequently

While you will want to mingle with guests and enjoy your time; you will also want to keep an eye stray things lying around or half-empty glasses that anybody can knock over accidentally. Roam around casually and pick any all empty plates and glasses and other garbage and dispose off in the garbage bag. Apart from protecting your carpet and rags, you will also be reducing your after-party cleanup significantly.

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