How to Install Sun Sails

Sun sails are great addition to your home’s backyard and pool area. It is practical and more economical than building a concrete structure. It can improve your home’s market value and aesthetic appeal. That is if the sun sails are installed properly. Problems could arise if you screw up the installation job, pick the right shape or kind, or the installation is just not sturdy at all.

Whether you are going to do a DIY job or calling a professional to do the installation of the sun sails or shade structures, here are a few tips to consider:

Sun Sail


  • Install sun sails between buildings. This trick is cost-effective as you will not need to have additional posts in installing the sun sails. This way, you are able to cut down on labor and material costs. Before you decide on doing this, consider how it will look, how sturdy the existing poles are, and the strength of the storms you get in your area.

Shade Sail Structure


  • Using posts to install sun sails. Completely independent sun sails can be a beautiful addition to an existing structure. The posts should be made in such a way that it can withstand the strength of the storm you usually get in your area. Sun sails that are galvanized and coated with the color that will match your existing architecture will make either your back or front yard look cozy. Make sure that the angle of the poles will stand the tension so the sail will stay put for a number of years.

Sun Sails in Brisbane


  • Use a combination of posts an existing architecture to install sun sails in Brisbane. Click here. One of the best and most commonly used methods of attaching sun sails is attaching a part of the sun sails to an existing structure and attaching the other end to a pole. It looks great and saves space and money. Attaching sun sails to a wall, a roof, or a balcony is easy with the use of high quality stainless steel poles. Marine grade stainless steel materials are most commonly used especially if the sun sails are used in the pool area. They will never deteriorate easily or collect rust.

These are just a few suggestions as to how you should attach sun sails to your property. If you are not very sure about your ability to attach these sun sails on your own, it is best to hire a professional to ensure the safety of your family, the stability of the installation, and great value for your money.