How to go about house extension

Whenever you need more space in your house for living, you can go for house extension. This will include new floors, new partition walls, knocking down of the existing wall and insulation. Since you need a company to do the house extension for you, you need the tips below when you are choosing the service.

1.    You should be aware of your rights,
2.    Contact companies that offer house extension services and then compare their price or quotes
3.    You should know what you will be getting from the company you choose.
4.    Get a quote of a company in writing and ask for references

A house extension can be in a position to transform your living space in a more dramatic way that you would ever expect. Choosing a good reputation and also strong presence company that deals with house extension is very essential. This is because the company that will offer you extension services for your home will determine whether there will be pitfalls or any horror story in their project of building. To avoid this, just choose a company that is known to have a good reputation when it comes to extending houses for their clients.


Shomera is an example of a reliable company that has a good reputation when it comes to house extension. They have retained commitment that is uncompromising to provide quality product and a reliable service to their clients. Since they have a system of architecture that is factory built, they can be in a position to fabricate, deliver and also install a completed house extension for you within a very short time frame.

Maybe your house is a single investment that is most important to you. Making sure that job is done right at your home is one critical thing during undertaking any building work in your property. This is because you will only get one chance.

Shomera usually have a technical capability and also financial security so as to see your house extension project through from the beginning to the end. Staffs of shomera are experienced and qualified professionals. Hence, you can be confident that any work that they will for you in your house will be of high standards.

Many people who are looking for a company to do for them house extension wonder which company they should choose since there are many. As for me, I can advise them to choose a company that has a good reputation on the services that it offers.