How to Design Your Business Signs

Effective business signs will take more than just enticing logo and slogan placement. There are more complex elements that should be present in your business signs so they can properly serve their purpose. They should be something that can easily be read and instantly understood by readers who are usually in a moving vehicle. Here are the elements of good business signs:



The table above shows the standard relationship between vehicle speed and legibility distance as provided by the International Sign Association. The numbers in this table will help business owners to design their business signs in a way that will be visible to customers. For instance, if the reader is moving at a speed of 35mph and there are two traffic lanes so there is a need for lane change, the readers should be able to read your business signs 550 feet away. For effective business signs, contact the shop signage designer Sunshine Coast.


Aside from placing your business signs where it is visible by moving customers as stated on the table above, you also need to make sure that the letters are large enough so that the message can be read. Experts suggest that business signs use letters that are at least an inch tall for every 25-feet distance. Still referring to the table above, the smallest letters on business signs should be 16.4 inches high if the reader is 410 feet away.




After making sure that your business signs are well placed and have letters that are large enough to be read, the next step will be to find out how tall the business signs should be. Although the length of the message will dictate the size of your business signs, the International Sign Association has the following guidelines when choosing the right height:

The table shows the required heights measured to the top of the sign face but remember to design your business signs in such a way that its height from the ground to the bottom should measure at least 7 ft so parked vehicles will not block them from view.


It is important to make sure that your business signs are properly illuminated so they are always readable and visible any time of the day regardless of the weather. Business signs can use different sources of lights like lamps, exposed bulbs, LED lights, and neon style tubing.

Remember that majority of the biggest businesses these days started small and most of them used effective business signs that made it possible for people to notice and recognize them.