How to Clear Blocked Drains

Though not too serious a problem, but blocked drains can be nuisance especially if you do not know how to clear the drains. However, some cases are too big that it can cause disruption to the regular activities and the need to hire a plumber may be necessary. Below is a guide as to how you can clear the drains yourself in case you cannot find a plumber.

Identifying blocked drains

1) First is to identify where the block is coming from. Then if you can avoid using the drain, do so to prevent more water from going to the drain and aggravating the problem further.


 2) Always wear protective clothing such as rubber boots and pair of hand gloves.

3) Remove the cover of the drain.

4) Then remove all debris and particles that cause blocked drains. The use of rod with a plunger is recommended and the process of dislodging the debris is the continuous twisting and turning of the rod.

As you do this, you can feel the solid particles or debris that are stocked and this is the one that you are supposed to remove to clear the blocked drains.

5) As soon as you have dislodged the blockage, flush the drain to thoroughly remove the remaining particles.

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How to prevent future blockages

1) Monitor your drains- regular checking of drains can prevent huge problems that are associated with blocked drains. A plumbing service is necessary when condition gets worst.

2) Proper waste disposal- never throw your rubbish into the toilet bowls and sinks. Items such as wipes, cotton wool, among others cause blockage.

3) Rinse before loading the dishwasher- remove all food particles and wipe-off with a disposable kitchen cloth the oily particles on the kitchen utensils. The excess oil and small food particles will cause blocked drains.

4) Application of solution- at least once a week, you can prevent blockage by pouring vinegar, then boiling water, and then some baking soda onto the drain. The concoction is very effective in softening the hardened oil and other particles. In addition, the ingredients of this concoction are readily available and they do not cause any damage to the environment.

Responsibilities for drains and sewers

1) Drains- it is the sole responsibility of the building owners to clear blocked drains.

2) Sewers- the sewers are not the responsibility of building owners but that of the waste and sewerage companies. If the blockage is due to the sewerage system, contact the company that handles the sewerage system of the community.

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