How Much Does Piano Removals Cost?

Getting your own beautiful piano is an exciting event. However, being heavy and delicate, moving it from one place to another can be stressful. Fortunately, there are companies offering removals services in that will help you out in this kind of situation.

The piano removalists services will make sure that your piano is wrapped carefully in a blanket. This will protect the delicate item when they pick it up from the outlet. The removals company has their own truck where the piano will be placed carefully and secured with sturdy straps to prevent damage during transportation. They will also be the ones to unload the piano then put it in the spot you indicate.


It would be best that you let the interstate removalists inspect your home first. This way, they can plan the right strategy in case they need to lift the piano through a window or bring it up the staircase. Make sure that it is the exact spot you want your piano to occupy. It is much too heavy to move it yourself in case you have a change of mind. Hire the removals.

If you are moving an upright piano within, it might cost around $130 to $250. Moving a grand piano will cost around $600. Distance and accessibility of locations directly affect the rates. Long distance moves may range from $800 to $2000. If you require the removals team to carry the piano upstairs, expect to be charged between $2 and $10 per flight of stairs. There are movers however that charge a flat rate for items carried upstairs which is usually around $100. Make sure that you purchase insurance for the removal since a piano isn’t very cheap. Insurance rates are calculated by how much the piano weighs. The most common fee is $5 per pound. Other companies calculate insurance based on the price of the item. In most cases, insurance is $10 per $1000 value.

You might think that renting a moving truck and moving your piano with the help of your friends is a cheaper option. However, the absence of an insurance policy will work against your favour. Accidents happen, and when you are carrying a massive, highly delicate item, you can’t take any risks.