How a Painter Beautifies your Home

A painter’s job is never easy, yet we often neglect his work. He does not take a brush and random colour of paint, brush your walls, and think it is done. It is a work of art.

Before a painter starts, he needs to protect your floor and furniture. He has to cover your floor with a tarp, or a large piece of cloth. He also needs to move away the furniture, if there are any. He also needs to put his materials on the tarp, not on any other surface. The painter then needs to put tapes on the edges, as it is difficult to paint a straight line.

The painter will then mix the primer and the paint. He should mix them well, to make sure that the pigments of the primer and the paint are evenly distributed. This will help him see if the desired paint will be achieved. After checking on the primer and the paint, he needs to make sure that the wall he would paint is well- prepared. He would also need to check for holes or cracks, and if the wall is smooth enough.

After making sure that the wall is now ready to be painted, the painter can now start putting the primer. He must put the primer first at the edges of the wall, then slowly works up to the middle of the wall. The painter must also ensure that he does not drip any primer on the floor, or other surfaces, except the wall. When the painter is done putting primer on the wall, he should let the primer dry for a day. If after a day, the primer is still wet, he should let it dry for another day.

When the primer is already dry, the wall is now ready for the painter to paint. He must remember to use a different tray when doing this, making sure not to use the tray he used for the primer. Just as the way the painter did with the primer, the painter starts with the edges first and slowly work his way to the middle of the wall. He also needs to go over the paint many times, just to make sure he didn’t miss any spot. He must take time, and not do all of the walls at the same time. He also has to wait one day or more for the paint to dry.

You see, being a painter is not putting paints on the wall. Being a painter, you must know the process of painting, making it an art. Though underappreciated, residential painter Melbourne are artists of their own right.