Hire Qualified Electricians

Not all people are very wary when it comes to hiring electricians. Some fires occur because of faulty electrical wirings and these are all done unqualified electrician. In fact, study shows that only about 87% of people look for a registration or badge that can prove that the electrician is highly qualified for the job.

1) References- 67% of people hire electricians based on recommendations by friends or family members, but it does not mean that the electrician they hire is licensed or has an accreditation. To be certain that the electrician will do a good job, you can ask the person to get a letter of recommendation from satisfied customers.

2) Registration- for your safety, it is highly recommended that you look for electricians who can present you a registration that proves his competence. They are not given a registration or a license unless they have completed and passed the course. In addition, they are required to work with a master electrician for a certain number of hours before they can be given a registration. The registration of the electricians is your guarantee that they are well equipped with the proper handling of the electrical system in your building.

3) Quotations- you must at least get quotations from three electricians who will provide you with an itemized costing on the materials to be used.

4) Quality and competence- be sure that the electrician you intend to hire has passed all the electrical licensure exams required by the government. Also, hire only electricians who continuously attend seminars so as to learn the latest technology in electrical wirings.

5) Work guaranteed- all the works of the electrician must include guarantee so as to give assurance to the clients that they follow all the safety precautions. In case some issues arise from the electrical work, the electrician must correct all issues at no cost.

What to avoid when looking for electricians

1) Avoid those who offer a fee that is way below his fellow workers.

2) Those who say that they can start the job right away. A qualified electrician is usually booked in advance.

3) If the electrician will use very technical terms just so he can charge a higher rate. As much as possible, a qualified electrician will explain in simple terms the nature of the job.

4) Electricians who cannot present any license or registration or will lie that the license got lost.

5) Those who will not issue any receipt are those you must avoid.

Contact an electrician for more details.