Drinking Fountain – Buying Guides

If you plan to buy drinking fountain, here are factors that you need to consider to avoid regrets:

Consider the area where the fountain needs to be placed. If the area where you intend to have fountain is in high traffic, choose a the one with water flow of 8 gallons per hour to keep water supply continuous. Make sure to also choose the most durable drinking fountain, the one that is also resistant to vandalism and as a whole, the parts must be heavy duty.

If you will have the fountain outside, he features should be designed in such a way that the fountain can withstand and the finish should be corrosion resistant. For areas known to have freeing temperature, the fountain should also feature freeze-resistant system.

You may also opt for refrigerated and non-refrigerated drinking fountain. Refrigerated fountains re installed with inner refrigerants for the cooling system but for the non-refrigerated, the water is dispensed with room temperature only.


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When choosing a brand of drinking fountain, it is very important that you rely on known brands. Every manufacturer may differentiate their products in terms of style, price and fit. Depending on your needs, you will surely be able to choose the right product since dealers can give you several choices.

Dealers of drinking fountains are plenty and that you may be confused about where to buy. But doing your research to determine the right dealer can help you choose the best one. The drinking fountain seller that is worth your choice should have a proven track record of supplying high quality fountains.

Read more about their customer reviews and feedback on how they respond to their clienteles and if they are also willing to come to your area to inspect if there are problems with your drinking fountain. Many will do this for free for newly purchased fountains but for those that have exceeded the warranty period, they will ask a reasonable charge.

These things must be clear with you before you buy a drinking fountain.

You should also choose supplier who can help you figure out the right drinking fountain to buy based on your needs. You will be given choices at the same time you will be informed with the pros and cons of every product that they have in relation to the needs you have identified. Best drinking fountain dealers in Perth will also offer product warranty so you can get your money back or replace the product when you are not satisfied with it.