Difference Between a Journeyman and a Master Electrician

Electricians are licensed by the states and follow the National Electrical Code. While the journeyman is also licensed, they differ from electricians when it comes to a few fundamental things. Here are some:

Experience and education

In terms of experience and education, the master electrician attended more training and have more experience. This is because to be a master electrician, one should work a total of three to six years. They should take classes in building codes, fundamentals of electricity, safety regulations, and project management. A journeyman on the other hand often learns from the master. They both must take classes from an educational institution or from an accredited industry training program to get a license and to be a master.

Journeyman’s work

These experts are licensed to work all by themselves without supervision. They can install outlets, wirings and check if your electrical fixtures are functioning properly. They can also install fire system, security alarm and even CCTV cameras.

Master’s work

They are responsible for wiring system and as well as installations of the circuit board. They also get a permit before they work. They will decide what are the wirings that are appropriate to be installed in the house or building. The master electrician can also own an electrical company or can work as a contractor depending on their choice.


Both of them have the knowledge when it comes to electricity. They can also work on the residential and commercial properties. If you will call journeymen or electricians, you will be ensured that they can both fix your problems without creating damage and injury.

Now you know the difference between the two, you can now choose whom to hire. If you already made up your mind, call our company as our qualified electricians can give your needs. You can also visit our website to see the list of services that we offer.