Creating an Illuminated Letter

Unless you are one of the lucky people who have a talent in calligraphy, drawing illuminated letters is not an easy task. You need to focus and spend a time to come up with good results. Luckily, there are now modern ways to do this. However, if you still want to do the traditional style, we also listed the steps that you can follow.


  • For the digitalised illuminated letters, you need to have an Adobe Photoshop software. Just go to the Photoshop website and install this. Once you are done, you now need to create a 1200x 1600 px background. The resolution must be 300. Set the foreground colour and background colour with your choice. To get a smoother look, click the radiant gradient icon and check the dither box.
  • Next is to go to Image click Adjustments and Desaturate. After, go to Image – Adjustments – Levels, and put the Gamma value to 1.15.
  • Now set the background, create the text using the code bold font. Double click the text and click the bevel and emboss. Set the Opacity to 70%.


  • For the traditional way, you must first choose a font or style. Then sketch the outline of a letter. Make sure to leave space as you will fill it with colour and images. It’s up to you if you want to write the text freehand or use pattern and trace it.
  • Create a border around the text and decorate it. You can also paste glitters and sequence.
  • After you can now put it on a parchment paper. Make sure that it is completely dry before hanging as you don’t want the decorations to fall.
  • If you don’t want parchment paper, you can now opt to cork board or illustration board. Just consider the colour of the board as it must blend well with the decoration of your text.


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