Conveyors and elevators

There are differences between elevators and conveyors, most specially bucket elevator and belt conveyor. Both can be used in handling materials and equipment during the construction project.

To differentiate the two, know the advantages of each to know whether you should be using bucket elevator or it is gonna be a belt conveyor.

Advantages of using bucket elevator:

A bucket elevator usually takes a smaller space or it does occupy a smaller space. The things that it will carry will be sure to not be blown away easily by the wind while it is transported from one place to another because a bucket elevator from the word elevator is a close type of material handling equipment.

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Advantages of using belt conveyor:

A belt conveyor is known to be easy to maintain and is usually low in cost. Before you decide whether you will be using a belt conveyor or a bucket elevator, you need to know the things or circumstances that it will be useful. And if you are planning to buy a belt conveyor, make sure that it can convey large amount of materials, that is has simple structure, easy to maintain, it should have standardization that is high degree that can be used for metallurgy, coal and mining in some instances. A belt conveyor is already ideal whether to transfer bulk things or pieces. You can also contact the best provider of conveyors in Brisbane.

Belt conveyors can be used in a landscape or portrait format depending on the things that it should carry and transfer. Belt conveyors also can be used with any other transferring materials equipment. A motor of the belt conveyor makes the whole thing work by transferring the materials from one place to another.

On the other hand, bucket elevator is advantageous to use in carrying large throughput, stable, high lifting in height, reliable and long life operation. Mostly, an elevator is used in transferring granular, powder and mall block of non-abrasive and other little-abrasive materials in grinding such as cement, coal, stone, clay, sand and ore and any other things related. Usually, a bucket elevator can be used to transfer materials from 10 to 40 meters and the temperature of the materials should not exceed the temperature of 250 degree Celsius.

Bucket elevators needs smaller drive power. It is usually termed as a slow through feeding and induction in discharging. It has bigger capacity in its unique hopper intensive layout . I is less power reactive.