Contact lenses- A product which has revolutionized the eyewear industry.

Let us take a quick survey- When cheering your team at the MCG, can you point out all those people who have some really exotic eyes ?I am talking about colors like Red, Blue, Green, Cat Eyes etc. the chances of you finding such people is extremely high. Over a decade ago, it was not common to see people wearing eye-glasses. However, today glasses have all but disappeared.

The reason behind both these phenomenon is one product which has taken the eyewear industry by storm. This is none other than the humble Contact Lenses. What we do not realize is that this product has a much more diverse use than just the two mentioned above.

Let us look at each and every situation where this product can be used.

  • Replacement for eye-glasses- This is the most obvious use of this product. Earlier, when people faced issues with the near vision or the far vision, then automatically they would get fitted for glasses. Glasses were also recommended when people needed any sort of vision correction. However all this changed with the advent of Contact Lenses. Opticians and Eye doctors realized that they could use these lenses as an extremely capable replacement for glasses. As a result, companies making this product started customizing their lenses to help people correct their vision problems. The best part is that no one else (other than close family of friends) would realize that the individual had any vision problems.
  • Helps the eye recover from infections and damage- We have already seen that these products can be customized. Today, these lenses are being used as an effective tool to help the eye recover. This can be from any disease which impacts the eye or from accidents which have damaged the eye. Since the Contact Lenses are placed direct over the eye, medical science is using them as an effective mechanism for delivering medicinal doses straight to the affected part. Since it also acts as a cover from external factors like dust, the medicine can continue to act and repair the damaged eye.
  • Perfect cosmetic accessory- Everybody wants to look fashionable. And no matter how you might look at it, spectacles or glasses cannot look fashionable. This is where these lenses come in handy. Today you can get cosmetic lenses at any optician without a prescription. There is a huge difference between these and medical lenses.

Lenses used for cosmetic reasons do not have any medical use. They are designed to fit over your eye and give you a fashion accessory for your wardrobe. These can be plain or have designs incorporated within them. They cause no damage to the eye and are easy to use and remove.

So, do not ignore the humble Contact Lenses. Maybe you can buy one with has your team’s colors in them!!

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