Concrete Cleaner: What Are The Options Available To You?

Concrete cleaning need not be tedious as there are some techniques you can employ that can make the task a breeze. Concrete can be seen in both residential and commercial properties. This is why it needs to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent replacing it too soon. Before you choose a concrete cleaner, you need to get a clear understanding of the different types of concrete cleaners. This is because not all cleaners work on any type of concrete. However, general concrete does not require complicated cleaning process. All it takes is a simple cleaning technique. With the use of mild detergent solution and water, your concrete can go back to its mint condition. For thick dirt, you need to add soap-water ammonia solution to make cleaning agent much stronger.

Types of Concrete Cleaner

  • pH-Neutral Cleaners – Concrete surfaces that do not have imbedded dirt only require mild cleaners. This type of cleaner can be used on both interior and exterior unsealed concrete. They are combined with water that is measured in amounts enough to dilute the solution. In order to remove mild dirt, you just need to use the solution with mop or vacuum. You will need to repeat process in case the dirt is not removed completely.


  • Alkaline Cleaners – These are also referred to as concrete degreasers and they are known for removing tough stains such as grease, oil and hydrocarbon-based stains. Aside from its neutralizing ability, it is also capable of eradicating stains that neutral cleaners cannot do.


  • Acidic Cleaners – It effectively removes contamination and dirt which are considered soluble in an acidic solution. This cleaner has an active ingredient and it is necessary to rinse the concrete surface with water to prevent salt or alkaline contamination.


  • Bacterial Concrete Cleaner – Stains and contaminations can also be removed with the use of cleaners that combine active enzymes and organic chemistry. Stains that are starch-based and protein based can be effectively cleaned using this type of cleaning solution. Unlike other cleaning solutions, it does not need to be mixed with water. It does not leave any residue but requires more cleaning time.

Different Cleaning Approaches

Water washing is not the only technique you can use to clean concrete surfaces as there are other available approaches as well. One of the methods to consider is pressure washing and this involves using water with higher pressure. Steam cleaning is also another method you can use and this uses greater temperatures so stubborn dirt and grime are dissolved. This method is slower as compared to pressure washing.

Concrete Cleaner does it all!