Common mistakes to avoid when using promotional products

Giving away corporate promotonal products is a marketing technique that when used cleverly can play an important role in making your brand’s name in the market. However, there are several mistakes that companies make when they plan and execute a promotion. Here are some common mistakes that you should avoid.

The foremost thing to decide is the objective or purpose of your promotional campaign. Are you doing it to get more traffic on your webpage, encourage people to sign up to your mailing list, or are you simply doing it to make your target audience more aware of the brand? Many companies jump ahead and choose the kind of product they want to use, while they forget that each of these reasons might require a different type of product, distribution plan and design. It is essential to know what is that you want to gain from the campaign because that will enable you to make a smart choice in selecting the promotional products and in planning what to do next. If you don’t have a clear idea of the objective of your campaign, chances are that it’ll fail miserably before it even really starts.


Another mistake that many companies do is that they buy promotional gifts before even having a distribution plan. The next step you take after deciding your campaign’s goal is to decide exactly where the items are going and how you’d distribute them among the recipients. Keep in mind that handing out promotional products (promotional pens, t shirts, mugs and the like) to everyone you see isn’t really an efficient way to go about – instead you should have a target group that you want to focus on. Having a smart distribution plan is what would make your promotional campaign a success and would also influence in selecting the right promotional product to distribute.

Most companies rather than getting a product that their audience would like, get a product that they like. This is a very bad idea, because while people would take your promotional products home but if they don’t like it, they might never use it. Don’t go for a product just because you like it, or because it’s popular, rather get something that would be received well by your target. To do this, you should do a research about the tastes and hobbies of your target audience and then zero down on promotional products that appeal to them.

The major advantage that promotional products have is that they’re pretty inexpensive advertising tool. You can get a good deal at a very low cost. However, going too cheap isn’t good. Your products need to be of high-quality. A substandard product would only make worsen your image, as the products you giveaway are representative of your brand.

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